What’s The Difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus

We all know very well about WhatsApp, but have you know about WhatsApp Plus? WhatsApp Plus is really popular too & here are the major features so that you can determine which between them must be used.

WhatsApp Plus is effectively a customized version of WhatsApp as it provides you the more option for making modification and changes the look.

There has been a little question regarding whether it is lawful to use the application, but we do not have some concrete reply so far. We will take a glance at the main features that you find when you set up WhatsApp Plus.


The motive why you must use WhatsApp Plus is the kind of themes & features that you can obtain. There are more than 700 dissimilar themes that are accessible and you have the choice of choosing the one which you think well.

When you use a theme, you will be capable to refurbish the look of the app completely. There are diverse choices to pick from, & you are likely to get something which will suit your requirements.

You do not get some same features in WhatsApp & if you like to get themes & colors, you must select WhatsApp Plus in excess of WhatsApp.

Need More Emoticons?

When WhatsApp has numerous emoticons to use, several of us might need for extra. If you drop in the latter class; WhatsApp Plus has the exact solution for you. You will find an even bigger number of emotions with those which are found in Google Hangouts. So, express more freely & use special emoticons to make your point.

File Sizes

When you are sending files, you will get the choice to change the size & class of the files. This is a very useful feature and lets you configure the quantity of data you use when you are sending files.

Hiding the Last Seen Feature

There was an occasion when this was one of the overestimated features existing by WhatsApp Plus. You could hide your online status; though, this was a paid feature for which you required to pay. Lately, WhatsApp added this ability at no extra cost and it gave a blow to WhatsApp Plus.

Currently, you can hide your last online time in both WhatsApp & WhatsApp Plus.

The Final Verdict

One main problem with WhatsApp Plus is that it requires uninstalling of WhatsApp. There are a little user who had troubles in using WhatsApp plus firstly. You must check out the details earlier to making a final call.WhatsAppPlus is essentially meant for those who are very exacting of the line and are looking for more propose and shade to play with.

While the functionality is almost the similar for both the apps, it is WhatsApp Plus that will actually add the exact touch of colors. You will be capable to do a lot extra with WhatsApp Plus. There is no damage trying it out once; though, if you do not desire any additional disturb, WhatsApp might be the smarter option for you. You can have WhatsApp plus download here.